Monday, July 7, 2008


I have some great finds for you today. I'm a bit tired from waking up earlier then usual, so I will save the talk and get to the stuffs.

This gorgeousness is from Adora's Shapes and Skins as a Summertime gift. It comes with the dress, shoes, the red nail polish that i'm wearing, and pearls. My hair comes in a free fat pack at ETD.
This top that comes in four colors can be found at
ASHIYU&SALON. My jean skirt is 50 Linden at Gigi Couture, and the bangles are free at *ARAI* along with many free male t-shirts. The eyes i'm wearing in all of these pictures are free at Je Vuex along with some other free eyes.

The jean skirt is 50 linden at Gigi Couture, and the turtleneck is free from Creators Pavilion.Now for a more sophisticated look, you can get this beautiful dress for zero linden at Bijou, along with another beautiful dress and some tank tops.
Now for something a bit more casual, you can get this shirt and jeans along with a pair of cute shoes at Rhaz. Thats it for today - happy hunting!