Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weird Science

*looks when was the last time I blogged*
She is alive, aliiiiiiiiive!

Today I am doing a blogpost with mini me! This super cute child shape is a freebie you can find near the fishing pond at Katat0nik. It was originally made by Bitter Ink to go with the released Skins of Delphi from Kat.
This cute rainbow heart choker is from Katat0nik as well, it's one of the latest group gifts.

This grey top I am wearing on the left is from B&T Atelier, but I received it through the Vain Inc group so check the past notices to get yours.

Of course my child avatar couldn't look good without that cute candy belt! Get it for free as well as that red dress I am wearing on the right at the Don't Ask store. The red dress is in a hidden box for a hunt so have fun!

Child avatar shape 0l, Katat0nik
Rainbow Heart choker group gift, Katat0nik
Grey top on the left group gift from B&T Atelier, Vain Inc
Candy belt and red dress (jewelry included) 0l, Don't Ask

Non free stuff:
Shape on the right Soul
Hair Frangipani
Shoes Kari
Grey short on the left Kunglers