Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lucky chairs can be a gal's bestfriend!

I love it when people IM me and tell me stuff like "OMG get your buns down here because there's a P on this lucky chair with a gorgeous dress!". Such was the situation this morning. Miss Leilani sent me an IM and a TP to Ivalde for this stunning dress. Thank you so much, Miss Leilani! I definitely owe you one!

I think I'm in love...

Around lunchtime, when I should have been stuffing my face, I headed out to Katat0nik at the urging of my friend, the Sophster. I began stalking the lucky chair and about 45 minutes in, I got lucky. This dress is so cute and it's perfect for Valentine's day!

Took a while, but definitely worth the wait!

Earlier today, I received a message from *Fishy Strawberry*'s subscribo about the in-store Valentine's outfit. It's $2L. Why $2L, you ask? Go to the store to find out! Hehe. It comes with the shirt & leggins. Very girly and sweet looking.

Sweets from Fishy Strawberry!

*Fishy Strawberry*'s neighbor, Kawaii Jelly, sent out a message earlier, via subscribo, spreading the word that they have a special V-Day hoodie out in the store for zilch! It's purple and comes complete with hair! Guys, if you want to show a slightly softer side, you could even pull this off.

V-Day hoodie from Kawaii Jelly
A hoodie that comes with hair? No wai!

-Hoodie: Kawaii Jelly
-Shirt/leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* (okay not free, but $2L!)
-Beige dress: Ivalde (lucky chair)
-Black/pink dress: Katat0nik (lucky chair)

-Skin: *Bebae*
-Hair: Kyoot