Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Think pink (or green I don't mind)

I had some lovely accessories to show you but no outfit to go with it. I debated doing the post nekked but then thought better of it; so keep in mind that the dress I am wearing is not free. It's from Royally a new store that just opened and looks very promising! The dress comes with four different skirts, exists in six colors and costs only 200l for one color.

It seems cupcakes are in the hair erm air lately! Well that suits me fine! Get your own by joining the subscribo at Inorite and checking the past notices. It's a fatpack so don't worry if you don't like pink, though that would totally be a crime in my book!

Those super delicious boots are the new subscribo gift from Truth, you know the gospel by now just join it and look in its historic for them!

Fancy a purse? I know in SL it's totally useless but admit it you want yours too. Well for the very small amount of exactly 0l you can get this one from 24 Shoo-Shoes so what are you waiting for?! 

Cupcake hair subscribo, Inorite (IM me if you don't get the joke!)
Foxley boots subscribo, Truth
Empress purse 0l, 24 Shoo-Shoes

By the way I think Truth is still having a sale so look around if you haven't yet.

Non free stuff or the section I am totally thinking of taking off my blogposts because by now you must know it by heart:
Dress Royally
Shape Soul