Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shape of my heart

Valentine season makes me feel all mushy! So I start listening to mushy songs, just like the one I am linking at the end of this post, then I get even more mushy! Halp!

Thank god a good dress always raises my spirits! I dunno what I am doing wrong with Evie's Closet (and not Elvie's Closet thanks Meara, I think I wanted The King to be back and wear frilly girly dresses) update group, I am part of it but I always learn about the new group gift via other blogs. Anyhoo just wear your group tag and pay the board 1l in store to get your super gorgeous dress!

Dress dollarbie group gift, Evie's Closet

Okay so I know I am cuddling a super hunk of a man (readers meet Kahei my man alt, Kahei meet the readers) but what you want to zoom in on this picture are:

1) The pink pants that are the new group gift from Katat0nik
2) Those cute green flats made by fellow blogger Ding that you can get here among other free ones. I love those shoes because I am a giant in SL and with heels it only gets worse!
3) This couple pose which is the V-Day gift from Vent and you can get at the same place as the shoes from Ding!

Pink pants group gift, Katat0nik
Green shoes and couple poses 0l, 50 flats and VPoses

As promised I am sharing that darn song that always makes me cry when I hear it, no don't thank me it's my pleasure...!

By the way the hair I am wearing is from the Starlust Motel Hunt I blogged earlier.
By now the rest of my anatomy must be quite boring to you, just know that I have some Soul and that I Rock the Berry!


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