Friday, February 13, 2009

FFXII is like a drug to me!

Am I a lazy blogger or what? You guys will have to excuse me though but my internship is drawing near and I have tons of reports and exams due before leaving the university for 6 blissful months!

Anyhoo since it's friday afternoon and I just want one thing it's to be a couch potato you will have to make do with this rather succinct blogpost!

On the left: lingerie lucky chair 10 minutes, Church of Luxe
In the middle: group gift in store (wear your tag), Lo*Momo
On the right: super cute subscribo gift, Royally

On the left: cupid hat hunt, Lemania Indigo
On the right: hearts hunt, Modd.G

Thanks for letting me know about those deals guys and happy V-Day if I don't blog again before that!

Laleeta over and out!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD
Shoes Periquita


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<3 right back at cha!