Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hunt break!

I'm done with the Vain hunt, so yay ME! Expect posts coming up about the gifts soon :) I'm also working on a post about the Greatest Love hunt. But right now I'm going to blog about some good old dollarbies!

Pink fuel has lots of cute dresses & they are super cheap (85L or less). This little pink dress is a dollarbie. The shape & skin I'm wearing are dollarbies from the new shop Chez Oleande. Don't forget to click the subscribo to stay informed & receive gifts ;-) The lashes I'm wearing are still a freebie, Laleeta blogged about them a while ago.
Skin, 1L, Valentine's gift, Chez Oleandra
Shape, 1L, Februari gift, Chez Oleandra
Dress, 1L, Pink Couture
Lashes, 0L, Sky Everett

So now i can return to cleaning out my inventory!
Skin & shape, dollarbies, Chez Oleandra
Apron, 0L, Blonde
Pink sweater, 1L, Pink couture