Friday, February 20, 2009

Journey hunt & itsy bitsy bears

Today the Vain hunt ends, you still have a week to do the GL hunt AND Tuli just opened her own hunt on her sim, Journey. Lot's of other stores on the sim are also participating! You are looking for little treasure chests in the participating stores, between the participating stores, next to the stairs of the stores en in the central area in front of the Tuli shop.

The gown on the left is the gift from Fine pixels. The jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings & tiarra) are gifts from Violet Voltaire. On the right I'm wearing the gift skin from the fabulous Tuli herself with a cropped vest, also from Tuli. The necklace and earrings are gifts from DelEmma design.

The tattoo on the left is another gift from Tuli, the one on the right is a gift from Collisions. Dark mouse has 3 gifts out on this hunt, all of them contain bangles to wear on your left and right arm.

The earrings and bracelets I'm wearing on the right side are gifts from flirt, amazing as usual. The red pumps are a gift from Jimmy Chau, search high for this one ;-). The flower earrings are a gift from G Field.
Start searching for the goodies at Journey, the hunts end Feb 27.

Not only is G Field participating in the Journey hunt, they also have a hunt of their own in their mainstore. You are looking for 5 tiny bears hidden in and around the store. They have a two tops, sandals, a pose, a vase with flowers (not shown here) and bangles in them. In the store you can find a board with info on the hunt. Buy it for 0L and you will get a notecard with hunt clues. When you are looking for the bear in the rose, look on the ground floor & don't waste your time upstairs like I did ;-)

Find the little bears at G Field mainstore. This hunt lasts till Feb 25th.