Friday, February 20, 2009


So it's been a while since I have shown some loving to my friend Cilia from Cilian'gel and let me tell you she has been a busy bee! What I love about Cilia is that I met her just when she launched her store and that way I get to see how well she is progressing in her designs and the quality of it and she is guys, she really is.

So anyway! Cilia has gifts for you all! That little red babydoll dress on the left is called Queen's Greatest Love and it is, as you can guess, her gift for the Greatest Love hunt. She is also participating in the Vain Inc hunt so grab your kiss while there. The mask I am wearing is from her store too, she has a masks fatpack you can get for only 2l as well as a corsage and another free mask. So have a look around and get all of those!

That dress I am wearing on the right is her new release A Midsummer Night's Dream. It comes with two different skirts, semi-long and long, and to my great pleasure the possibility to wear a system skirt or not. You can also wear it as a lingerie set so overall a rather complete outfit.

Mask part of the 2l fatpack, Cilian'gel
On the  left: Queen's Greatest Love Greatest Love hunt, Cilian'gel
On the right: A Midsummer Night's Dream 500l, Cilian'gel

Hum got stuck underwater while trying to teleport out right now so if you see a crazy woman dancing on a pole while you cam in the deep ocean don't be afraid!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair Magika
Shoes Maitreya