Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scream in pleasure!

Freedom! It is mine! I am done with those darn exams! Now it's onward to the internship with me. To celebrate this I think it's time for a new blog post!

Apart from being a picture of my gorgeous mug that face shot shows you the piercing you can get for free at Sasquatch. I am not much for piercing, actually I am pretty boring with my looks, but I must say I like those ones! Simple and yet cute.

On the right you have today's dollarbie from Leamania Indigo. As you know Lemania is retiring some of her old designs forever and every day she is setting one of them for 1l during 24 hours so be sure to check it out from time to time!

Piercing 1l, Sasquatch
Dress: A Silver Dream 1l, Lemania Indigo

This awesome jacket on the right is from the Fortune Teller at Sn@tch. I was super lucky with it and got it on the first try! The grey tank I am wearing underneath is from Sasquatch as well for 0l.

That awesome outfit on the right is from the riot vendor at Sn@tch too, I got it for only 50l, a steal if you ask me!

Harlot Coat Fortune Teller, Sn@tch
Grey tank top 0l, Sasquatch
Scream in Vain outfit 50l riot vendor, Sn@tch

Non free lyrics:
Hey sister go, sister Soul, sister flow, sister
I love RockBerry and Roll so put another dime in the Juke Box baby
C'mre little Deviant Kitties on my lap 'Cause guess who's back with a brand new rap