Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The moon shines on ivalde & pink fuel

Aloha darling cupcakes! For days I've been stalking that damn Lucky Chair at Ivalde (Pumpkin blogged about it a few days ago), but still no luck. If you're having the same problem as me, have no fear! The lovely Neferia has put out a group gift in the store, no chair-stalking involved :)

Dress, 0L, group gift in store, Ivalde

It's the perrrfect Valentines dress. It has hearts + cute dalmatians and it's free, what more could a girl ask for?
Another dress ofcourse! Moonshine sent out a dreamy dress through their subscribo today. If you go to the store you can also pick up a free gift with jeans & tops, I'm wearing some in the next pic. And did you notice my wings? They are a group gift from Pink Fuel, aren't they cute?

Top and jeans, part of instore gift, 0L, Moonshine
Wings, group gift Pink Fuel, find in search
Dress, subscribo gift, Moonshine


Amie Adamski said...

I have been stalking Ivalde to, I have come to the conclusion that A's are not in the board. I did get a dress yesterday but yeah hardly any A's. Plus there have been so many other people with A names I haven't bothered sticking around much.

Yay for the group gift.

Asthenia said...

I have actualy seen 2 A's come up when I was there, but since I wasn't the first A I couldn't take them *sigh* tonight I will try again *cross fingers*!