Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sweeter Than Candy owner/designer Candace Morgwain is one of the most generous people in SL. Not only does she regularly give out subscribo gifts, but she also has tons of in-store goodies! Two of those are pictured below! Her subscribo dropped another goodie off today, but I'll blog about that tomorrow. Enjoy!

More candy!
OMG so adorable!

Inside the store is yet ANOTHER freebie, some V-Day inspired lingerie!

I want Candy.
So sweet and sexy!

Miss Laleeta is even in on this freebie/dollarbie business! The main Cupcake has a store of her own (Pffiou!)! If you hit her subscribo and subscribe, you'll get this free pose! She even has a dollarbie pose inside for you and two of your friends! How sweet is that? All her poses are $20L each. Now, for those of you who might say that I'm just mentioning her store because she's my blogmate, let me just say that I would never blog someone's items just because they're my friend. I blog these items because I like them, use them and feel that a majority of the people reading would enjoy them as well.

On a high
Freebie subscribo goodness, courtesy of your Cupcake Laleeta!

-Outfits from the first two pictures: Sweeter Than Candy - $0L (in-store)
-Pose (last pic): Pffiou! - $0L (subscribo)
-Skin: Cupcakes - $0L (group gift w/$250L sign up fee - well worth it!)

Not Free:
-Hair: Troof
-Outfit from last pic: Cupcakes