Saturday, February 21, 2009

The return of the Pumpkin.

After a craptacular past two weeks, I'm back. Yes, I know that I've been slacking on the blog and I'm sorry! I've decided that the best way to get out of my funk is to jump right back into doing things that bring me joy, such as sharing great freebies!

My current obsession, thanks to Gala Phoenix, are the new skins that were released today! To kick off the new release, Gala graciously sent out a fabulous group gift that includes eight skins in the different shades (Acorn, Sundust, Petal & Moonbeam)!

Group gift from Curio
You're guaranteed to fall in love with your avatar. Trust me.

The new skins are just lovely, I highly suggest you head over to Curio and drool over the beautiful skins!

Skins: Curio - $0L (group gift)

Not free:
Hair: Maitreya
Shirt: Dutch Touch