Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebies!

Just a quickie, as I have to go to bed. I stopped by the Fabulous Fashion TV Studios (they have weekly live shows with some of SL's top designers --- I highly suggest you attend!) and snooped around the freebie area. They never disappoint in the goodies department! I'm not even showing everything that's available, so go check it out and scoop up everything, including a giftbag from Runway Magazine!

This dress I'm wearing, courtesy of MB Designs (from the Runway Magazine giftbag) is pretty cute and poufy! It reminded me of a ballerina's outfit in a way.

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebs
Pretty in pinkish/peach!

I love eyes. As such, I went berserk when I opened the KMAD freebie and discovered that not only was hair included, but three sets of eyes! I LOVE the eyes from KMAD (aka MADesigns). If you've always wanted a set of their fab eyes but couldn't quite afford them, here's your chance!

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebs
Lovely eyes, courtesy of MADesigns

-Dress: MB Designs - $0L
-Hair: MADesigns - $0L
-Eyes: MADesigns - $0L

Not free:
-Skin: Curio