Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiss my vanity!

Hurray! I am here with more hunt gifts! Why are you making that face when I say the word HUNT? You know you love the gifts!
If you haven't got someone for Valentines yet, you can try wearing the Skarkattack dress from Shit luck. It will definitely get you some looks. If you're not into pink (yeah, like anyone is not into pink!) you could try the dress from A-Bomb in black and blue that I am wearing with the hat from Couture Chapeau. When you prefer a simple top and some black pants you can wear the outfit from Paja.

! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Sharkattack dress, 0L, Shit Luck (Nr. 87)
Vain gift dress, 0L, A-Bomb (Nr. 105)
Hat, 0L, Couture Chapeau (Nr. 93)
Valentines outfit, 0L, Paja (Nr. 92)

In the next pic I am wearing the shape from Pididdle. On the left I am also wearing the skin and sweater from Pididdle. In the middle I am wearing the skin from Fetch Alternative with a top from A Touch of Surreal Designs. On the right I am wearing the skin from ti'ko with the T-shirt from HS Stores.
! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Shape, 0L, Pididdle (Nr. 120)
Skin & pink sweater, 0L, Pididdle (Nr. 120)
Skin, 0L, Fetch Alternative (Nr. 80)
Blue top, 0L, A touch of surreal designs (Nr. 142)
Skin, 0L, Ti'ko (Nr. 136)
Purple top, 0L, HS Stores (Nr. 78)

In my last pic I have the company of 2 cute bears! The one on the left is the gift from Teddy in Wonderland. Not only is he pink, but he also offers you roses. The perfect man! He didn't bring me those bracelets though, those were a gift from flirt. The grey dress I'm wearing on the right is a gift from Crush Factory. I used the bag from JE*Republic to bring some color into the ensemble. The lovely little guy next to my feet is a lucky chair gift I won when I was at JE*Republic.

! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Pink bear with roses, 0L, Teddy in wonderland (Nr. 149)
Bracelets, 0L, Flirt (Nr. 150)
Grey dress, 0L, Crush Factory (Nr. 127)
Bag, 0L, JE*Republic (Nr. 132)
Teddy, Lucky chair, JE*Republic