Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vain inc hunt, part 2

Oh hi again! I'm burried in hearts & kisses! I found them all for free in the Vain Kissed hunt. (I know, the later it gets, the funnier my jokes!)

! The SLURL will take you directly to the lips
Hearts, 0L, amplify
Dress, 0L, On The Catwalk
Hair, 0L, Audadcity
Earrings,0L, Ci:di

Dress & stockings, 0L, Ibizarre
Hair, 0L, MADesigns

BIBBS has this gorgeous dress in their lips. I'm wearing it with the hair from the MADesigns lips. Luckily the hair looks good on boys & girls. The necklaces are a gift from Kookie.

! The SLURL will take you directly to the lips
Dress, 0L, BIBBS
Hair, 0L, Madesigns
Necklaces, 0L, Kookie

Lessthanthree gives away 2 skins in this hunt and I'm wearing both in the next pic. My hair is the gift from the stringer mausoleum and both the hair & accessory comes in different colors. The poses are a little more crazy than your usual model poses, they are part of the gift from NB Look.
The shrug & T-shirt on the left are from Boom. Luni designs gives away the heart key and the pants are from WoE. The cute cherry shoes are the gift from Chez Gigi.
Tokeo.Plastik gave out two underwear sets & two shrugs.

! The SLURL will take you directly to the lips
Hair, 0L, The stringer mausoleum
Skins, 0L, Lessthanthree
Poses, 0L, NB Look

Top & shrug, 0L, Boom
Jeans, 0L, WoE
Cherry sundae pumps, 0L, Chez Gigi
Heart key, 0L, Luni designs

Corsets and shrugs, 0L, Tokeo.Plastik


Emerald Wynn said...

OMG, I ♥ YOU, Asthenia! Thanks for your helpful SLurls!!!:D

Nimil said...

thank you so much for mentioning us! i'm glad you liked the key :D

~the Ni in LuNi Designs