Sunday, February 8, 2009

In the morning you’ll be alright (except on sunday morning)

So I see that Asthenia and Pumpkin have been keeping you busy! That's great as I have been a bit busy myself with my store to look for deals.

Still I have some great things for you guys today!

First are those beautiful shoes from SLink, they recently launched a prim foot line of shoes and for Valentine they are offering this great deal: this pair is only for 100l! When you know the average price for prim feet shoes it's totally a steal! The shoes should be on the counter to your right when you enter the store.

By the way this gorgeous skin I am wearing is yet another group gift from Cucpakes. It's their Valentine's gift called Lovespell and it sure has put a spell on me (okay cheesy joke sorry) ! Just join the group to get it, it comes in five different tones and with or without freckles.

This jewelry set displayed on the right is the gift from Sn@tch for the Vain Inc hunt. Just look for the pink lips near the entrance to get it. As for this dress it's from Sn@tch as well. Is it free? Me thinks you will have to walk around the store to find out!

Valentine Glamour shoes 100l, SLink
Lovespell skin group gift, Cupcakes
Infatuation jewelry set Vain Inc hunt, Sn@tch
Pink is the new Pink dress free or not?, Sn@tch

Now as a truly lazy sunday should be I am going to roll under my cover and watch Dawson!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul


okrebecca said...

those shoes are amazing. i just put them on. i'm going to go do unspeakable things now! :O

Laleeta Xue said...

Unspeakable :O ?!

I agree those shoes are full of win though :D