Monday, February 2, 2009

Cold monday morning

Let me tell you it's nippy noodles today! But before I have to go out and confront the cold (I am pretty sure it's going to win by the way) I collected some pretty awesome finds!

My super duper gorgeous and totally fab friend Emerald told me about those two hairs. The one on the left with the cupcakes tower is the group gift in store from TekuTeku. Just go to the store join the group and click on the board next to the group inviter while wearing your group tag to get your hair.
The one on the right is also a group gift in store but from Umi Usagi. Just follow the same procedure as above to get your hair!

This classy dress on the left is the new dollarbie group gift from Marinoco Fashion. Just wear your tag and pay the board in store 1l to get it!

And last but certainly not least the PixelDolls subscribo sent out some bras and panty in four different colors. I am totally rocking that black bra if I say so myself! As always just check the subscribo historic to get yours.

On the left: Cucpake hair group gift in store, TekuTeku
Red dress 1l group gift, Marinoco Fashion
On the right: Valentine hair group gift in store, Umi Usagi
Bras and panties subscribo, PixelDolls

Non free stuff:
Mechanical Heart Cheeky Soul
Shoes J's
Shape Soul


Merrick Thor said...

Hmmm ... that pose on the right looks an awful lot like the subscribo gift from that new pose store owned by ... somebody I know ... =P


Funny, though ... I KNOW I don't look that good while doing it! =P

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are being modest Merrick, I bet you look HAWT while doing it!

Sounds like a fun poses store, can't wait to hear about it... :p

Merrick Thor said...


Irony ... u haz it.

Anonymous said...

I think the only way to both agree on the topic is if you post a picture of yourself doing the pose...!

Merrick Thor said...

Hmmm ... good point.

But to be fair, wouldn't I have to be wearing the same outfit??? =/

(Gee, like I don't know the answer to THAT one ...)

Anonymous said...

Yes I think to be entirely fair you should :D !

Merrick Thor said...

Fine, fine ... challenge accepted. =P

Take a gander ...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Merrick XD !

Emerald Wynn said...

aw, thanks!