Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day news!

So did you all have a pleasant V-Day? I know I did! Being single on V-Day can either suck or rock! I mean think about it you can lay around in your pjs watching girly movies during the whole day! And you have a great excuse for it! I am telling you I am not sure I want a boyfriend at this rate...!

Anyway so this frame and couple pose is a dollarbie from my store Pffiou! for V-Day. I dunno how long I am going to leave it so you better come get yours fast! The members of my subscribo got it for free though... just a thought!

Frame and couple pose 1l, Pffiou!
Dress dollarbie group gift, Lemania Indigo
Hair with hat lucky chair, Magika
Kisses shirt group gift for men in store, Aoharu

And I am off to the couch again, see you later peeps!