Sunday, February 1, 2009

Effin clowns hate valentine!

Aloha readers! Only 13 days till Valentines day and designers are putting out lovely valentine & anti-valentine stuffs. Lala Foofoo has a HATE Valentine freebie tank out, in their signature pink.
I am wearing it with the subscribo gift from Etoile. The crazy hair and bow are part of the dollarbie set out by Pixel Dust to celebrate the opening of the new sim Festivale. The whole sim looks like an old circus. Both Pixel Dust & LAP have their mainstores here, and there are a bunch of little shops here too worth checking out!

Hair (black, red, orange, cotton candy) and bow, 1L, Pixeldust
Hate Valentine tank, 0L, Lala Foofoo
Leggings, subscribogift, Etoile