Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll tell you about my greatest love, Part 1

Happy monday readers! Like I promised, here's a post about the Greatest Love hunt. I haven't finished the hunt yet, so I don't know how many gifts there are. All I know is, you have till February 28th to hunt them all down. So let's start with the goodies, shall we?
My hair is the Socialy Awkward Cupcake style from the hairpack given out by Marlys & I'm wearing the licorice color. The sexy skin is a gift from Belleza. They have a male skin out for the Vain hunt & female skin out for the Greatest Love hunt (shown here).
The pink dress is a gift from On The Catwalk (I blogged their gift for the Vain hunt here). The lingerie set is part of the gift from Blacklace. They also have more revealing set (if you like flashing your nipples ;-) ), a skin & a shape in their gift (Not shown here). The gown is a gift from Blacklace Couture.

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
Hair, 0L, Marlys (Nr. 80)
Skin, 0L, Belleza (Nr. 7)
Dress, 0L, On The Catwalk (Nr. 97)
Lingerie set,0L, Blacklace (Nr. 6)
Gown, 0L, Blacklace Couture (Nr. 9)

Next up is this amazing gift from Axel. In their gift you can find 4 dresses and a hairstyle in 4 different colors. I am only showing the Black tone here, but it also comes in blonde, brown (shown in the next pic) and red.

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
Dresses and hair, 0L, Axel (Nr. 15)

The T-shirt and jeans are the gift from Naive for this hunt. In the middle I am wearing Moxie Polanos' Patchwork outfit together with the hair from the hairpack by Audacity. The Velma dress from Modern Gypsy is THE musthave of this hunt so far, if you ask me. It's the perfect dress for a fancy Valentines date. I am wearing the Red Rose bracelet and tiara from Serenity with it. All I need is some shoes & I'm ready to go!

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
T-shirt & Jeans, 0L, Naive (Nr. 10)
Patchwork outfit, 0L, Moxie Polano (Nr. 24)
Velma dress, 0L, Modern Gypsy (Nr. 86)
Red rose bracelet and tiara, 0L, Serenity(Nr. 90)

A T-shirt says more than a 1000 words...
! SLURL will take you directly to the gift
T-shirt, 0L, Lookr (Nr. 16)