Friday, February 20, 2009

Everybody is looking for something

So as you can see I was bored and tried something a bit new with Photoshop, not sure what to think of it… 

Anyhoo the skin I am wearing is called Mona and you can get it from the lucky boards at Basz store. There are four boards with four different skins so that leaves you with some room for inventory clean-up.

I am a bit late in blogging this awesome hat but it is the group gift from The Black Canary update group for when it reached 500 members. Congratulations Morrigan and thanks for being so awesome!

And last but not least this dress is today’s dollarbie from Lemania Indigo. Lemania is retiring some old designs and setting one for 1l everyday so come and get yours.

Skin: Mona lucky board, Basz Store

Hat: Abundance group gift, The Black Canary

Dress: Subtle Pine Forest 1l, Lemania Indigo

Oh before I forget Sn@tch is having a 50% sale this week-end only so go drop some lindens there!

I have dilly dallied long enough now, I think it's time I get back to work on that report. Can you believe I am having classes tomorrow? On a saturday?! Oh the pain!

Non fat free stuff:

Shape Soul

Hair and Shoes Maitreya


Adeline Valeska said...

Does anyone know what the Black Canary's update group is called? I thought I was in it, but I must be in the wrong one! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adeline, well I think the best solution is to teleport to the store and click on the board to join the group. That way you are sure it's the good one :)