Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabulous, flirtacious & sensual shopping

Ola chicas! Hope you are having/had a lovely wednesday. Mine was pretty ok (well, besides the 12 hours of working) but uhm, who cares about that? On to the free stuff! I read about some great gifts at Fabulous Fashion tv studio, so decided to go check that out. I found a sparkly dress from Victoria V. I needed some jewelry to wear with the dress & just like magic ~flirt~ sent out a new subscribo gift (Maybe Miss Winkler can read my mind?)
Another gift from the Fabulous Fashion tv studio are these amazing glasses. They come with a hud to change the texture & color of the frame and the color and opacity of the glasses. A pretty good deal for 0L, don't you think?
I found the little black dress thanks to a tip from a reader (thankyou!). It comes with a system skirt so shape-adjusting is necessary if you want to avoid the bigbuttsyndrome!
Oh, and the skin I'm wearing in all the pics is the latest group gift from <3Cupcakes. Check the notices! If you're not already in this group, it costs 250L to join.

Sequin Ball gown, 0L, Victoria V gift at Fabulous Fashion tv studios
Earrings & necklace, subscribo gift, ~flirt~
Skin, <3Cupcakes group gift, 250L to join

Nash glasses, 0L, Solar gift at Fabulous Fashion tv studios

Black valentines dress, 1L, Meghindo's touch of sensuality

The cute pose in the next pic is a dollarbie from Juicy & comes with the shopping bags. You can retexture or recolor the bags if you like :) The T-shirt is a dollarbie from Naieve. If you don't know what Plurk is yet, you must have been on another planet the last few months :)

Shopping girl pose, 1L, Juicy
Plurk Tshirt, 1L, Naive


Demi said...

I didn't know what Plurk was :o

too much SL for me XD!

Asthenia said...

LOL, plurk is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Plurk is a drug :p !