Friday, February 6, 2009

I Don't Need a Man!

Or so I say as the impending doom of Valentine's day gets closer and closer... Thank god it also means gifties or I might just have hibernated until the 15th of february! At least I have my super hooker whale from Katat0nik to keep me company. If you too think a whale is better than a man get yours for free at Katat0nik, it's in a box on the left before you enter the store.

You thought we didn't read the chatter box on the sidebar of the blog? Wrongo! We totally do! That's how I got to pick up that shape I am sporting in all those pictures for the mere sum of 0l. It comes from L.A Kouture and you just need to buy the store sign at the entrance to get it. Thanks Rinell for tipping us!

I feel a bit sick... Do I look pale to you? Sheena from Weird Designs whispered in my ear about that dollarbie skin she has at the entrance of her store. Wishing you a very undead Valentine's day! Thanks Sheena for telling me about it! 

Shape 0l, L.A Kouture
Skin 1l, Weird Designs
Pet 0l, Katat0nik

The Grid Wide Hunt organized by Vain Inc started today and it will end on the 20th of february. Designers from all over the grid placed gifts in their store for the occasion. From now on if any of us blogs about it know that you will be looking for a pair of lips set to 0l in the store. Once you have your lips with the gifts you also get the landmark for the next store! 
The hunt starts here.

Here are two of the gifts you can get in this hunt, the dress can be found in the lips from Katat0nik and the crown is from the lips at The Black Canary.
The doll is the new group gift from Katat0nik and with it comes the kiss tattoo I have on my neck.

The skin I am wearing is part of a dollarbie pack you can find at the entrance of Lazolli.

Dress GWH Valentine, Katat0nik
Crown GWH Valentine, The Black Canary
Pet group gift, Katat0nik
Skin 1l, Lazolli

So there you go for the first friday evening update! I will post back later on with a blogpost really dear to my heart... Until then ja ne!


Nemu said...

the slurl to the shape at L.A Kouture
goes to a small empty lot with a FOR RENT sign on it Oo

Anonymous said...

I know the plot next to the shop is like this. Have you tried waiting a bit for the store to rez? Or looking around for it? It's possible that the sim has a set landing point and the store is close but you didn't see it.

Nemu said...

all i could find was castles, a boat and peoples houses, all almost empty

Anonymous said...

That is weird oO

Well I will try and tp there next time I am online to see what happened