Saturday, February 7, 2009

Betrayed Heart Hunt

So if you're done hunting for kisses, you can find some stabbed hearts at the betrayed heart hunt. This hunt started yesterday & will last till next Sunday. Each participating store has a couple of these hearts out & you just have to walk around the store and buy them for 0L. Easy! The hunt takes place in stores of the Mischief sim, Tully sim & Illusions sim.

Hair designer Bryce has 8 hearts out & they contain different hairstyles in pink and red colors.

Hair, 0L, Betrayed hearts hunt, Bryce designs

Gypsy soul has 4 hearts out in their store. In each heart you can find a cozy scarf.
Scarves, 0L, Betrayed heart hunt, Gypsy soul

Mischief has 12 hearts out. The first one has PJ tops and PJ pants cuffs in yellow, pink and black in them. You can mix and match the tops and cuffs with the PJ pants you find in the other 11 hearts.

PJs, 0L, Betrayed hearts hunt, Mischief

Expect more posts about hunts soon :) Happy hunting!


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