Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue Blood, Ingenue and Omega Point

Hello dear cupcakes!

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been busy with my new week, you know how it gets!

Anyway I wanted to share some nice findings with you if you haven't read about this somewhere else already!

The gorgeous dress on the left is from Blue Blood's lucky chair. The chair changes letter every 2 minutes so you should get yours pretty fast!
The outfit in the middle is a gift when you join the Hippo group at Ingenue. Just click on the board to your right after entering the store. The outfit normally comes with a system skirt but like I said before with my shape it looks pretty bad, but I was nicely surprised to see that even after taking the system skirt the outfit is still really cute.
The outfit on the right is from Ingenue as well. It's one of the three gifts you can find hidden in the store at the moment.

Dress on the left lucky chair, Blue Blood
Outfit in the middle Hippo Group, Ingenue
Outfit on the right small hunt, Ingenue

In the following picture the top is the one from the outfit at Ingenue seen above.
Those three skirts are something else aren't they? Not what I'm used to see so that's why they caught my eyes. They are all dollarbies at Omega Point, be careful though as the glitch pant featured in the picture doesn't come with the skirts, you will have to get your own from your inventory!

Skirts 1l, Omega Point

That's all for today I hope you enjoy those!


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