Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pididdle, Ero Rabbi and Katat0nik

The dress on the left is the Thanksgiving group gift from Pididdle. Just look for Pididdle in the group search tab, join for 0l and look in the past notices to get the dress.
The dress on the right is a freebie at Ero Rabbi. I just loooooove arm warmers in an outfit!
This cute little doll is one of the new items in the lucky chair at Katat0nik. If you wait 20 minutes for the letter to change you might get the chance to sit on Santa's lap and get two dolls like this one or a cute purple dress. Luck still eludes me for the dress sadly.

Dress on the left group gift, Pididdle
Cat Doll lucky chair, Katat0nik
Dress on teh right 0l, Ero Rabbi

Non free stuff: