Thursday, November 6, 2008

PixelDolls and Dark Mouse

PixelDolls sent a folder with three panties via its subscribo yesterday. I didn't like the third one but the other two were pretty nice as you can see. No bra though only the panties. To get them go to the PixelDolls store and clic on its subscribo to register. Once registered clic on it again to check its history and you should find the previous gifts in it.

Panties 0l, PixelDolls subscribo

Dark Mouse, my favorite jewelry shop, is having a 1l hunt/sale. Come down to the store and collect the 15 items marked down to 1l. The items are on their usual spot on the wall so you will have to look for them. The store is pretty small though so you should be done in no time.

I only took pictures of the necklaces and earrings but you can also get belts, bracelets and shoes.

Jewelry sets 1l, Dark Mouse hunt

Jewelry sets 1l, Dark Mouse hunt

As you can see I'm trying a new way of blogging with combined posts and pictures. How do you like it? Let me know :)

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Anonymous said...

I like it!!! - The combined posts and pictures :D - But then again it is only me - hihi - Cilia ;-)

Cryssie Carver said...

combined posts are good :)

Anonymous said...

this is my first visit to your blog, and i love it. i like the combined post as well.

-Beryl Landar (SL name)