Sunday, November 30, 2008

The *OC* & *Bebae*

So! Miss Elettra Gausman, of *OC* - ORAGE Creations, decided to give her followers a special winter gift for only $10L!

How sweet is this sleeveless sweater? I love the color and texture. So beautiful and feminine, like the rest of her gorgeous creations at her store! With a backless option (not shown), it's worth every linden.

This lovely sweater is located on the second floor of her store, along a wall worth looking at that has some discounted items.

Now for the skin! *faints*

Miss Torie Senne is positively SPOILING us with this gorgeous winter skin that she dropped on her group!

The snowflakes by the left eye is just darling. Makes feel all Christmas-y. Normally I *would* provide a link to her store, but as of right now her store is still under construction, so no access, people!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Sleeveless sweater: *OC* ORAGE Creations - $10L (not free, but almost!)
-Skin: *Bebae* - $0L (group gift)
-Decorations: Crystal Christmas tree, "Peace on Earth" candle - DiCarnelli's Landscaping - $0L

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Hair: ETD
-Pants: *Last Call*
-Boots: ETD
-Wreath: DiCarnelli's Landscaping
-Frosted/illuminated Christmas tree: Botanical@Straylight Landscaping