Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catching up!

I have lot of things for you today so hang in there folks!

First off: the discovery of the day! Shop Luv is a great shop filled with gorgeous things as you can see in the following picture. The dress on the left is from the camping chair there you only have to camp 10 minutes, the one on the right is from one of the lucky boards in the store and the dress in the middle is not free but totally gorgeous and only 30l! A steal if you ask me considering it comes with three ways of wearing it!

Dress left camping 10 min, Shop Luv
Middle dress 30l, Shop Luv
Dress right lucky board, Shop Luv

In the following picture the pants are from the lucky chair at Marinoco fashion, the letter changes every 10 minutes and the chair is in the middle of the store by the tree. 
The bras featured here are the latest gift from PixelDolls' subscribo. As always to get them get down to the store subscribe to the subscribo by clicking on it and then click on it again to check its history and get the bras.

Pants lucky chair, Marinoco Fashion
Bras subscribo gift, PixelDolls

The two outfits on the left are freebies from Jill, one is in front of you when you enter the store and the other is on the wall to your left after the entrance there is also another freebie there not featured on the picture. 
The white dress in the middle is a freebie as well but from Venice Picassa Design, it should be right at the entrance along with another freebie dress. 
Last but not least the outfit on the right is a gift from 25 ans Boutique. Teleport to 25 ans and look in the four corners of the store for four gifts including this outfit. You have to be part of their group and wearing your tag to get them.

Two dresses on the left 0l, Jill
White dress in the middle 0l, Venice Picassa Design
Dress on the right 0l group gift, 25 ans

This gorgeous gold lingerie is from Lisa's Things and free for a limited time only. At the landing point in the store turn around to see this outfit on the wall amongst others.
This very cute and colorful avatar is the new lucky chair reward at the Carnival of Doom! Thank you so much Cecile for sending it to me! It comes with everything: shape, hair, eyes... So if you want to look very pinkish go hunt that chair! The chair is in the barn to your right at the landing point.

Lingerie 0l, Lisa's Things
Pink Spores avatar lucky chair, Carnival of Doom

Pffiou! That was a long post! Hope you enjoy all those nice things ladies (and gents oO ?) ! Enjoy your saturday!

*rolls up her sleeves and get ready for another post*

Non free stuff:


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