Friday, November 28, 2008

Marinoco Fashion, Greenies and Zenith

Marinoco Fashion is having a hunt in its store and mall nearby you will be looking for eight boxes. Boxes 1 to 4 are one outfit and boxes 5 to 8 another. The pink dress on the left is the outfit you can have if you collect boxes 5 to 8. I'm posting the locations of the boxes after the picture even though the hunt is really easy. It would be a shame if one of you can't get the full outfit :)
Adi blogged some really cute stuff and I just had to steal them from her!
The green dress in the middle can be found at Greenies for 1l. 
This black outfit is only 30l at Zenith, there are a lot of other really cute outfits around the store for only 30 or 40l and at the entrance of the store collect the free gift which contains some really nice black shoes.

Pink dress hunt, Marinoco Fashion
Green dress 1l, Greenies
Black Outfit 30l, Zenith
Shoes 0l, Zenith

Hunt locations:
Number 1:
Number 5:
Number 3:
Number 6:
Number 2:
Number 4:
Number 7:
Number 8:

Non free stuff:


Adaire DeCuir said...

Ooh it looks so kyoot on you! Thanks for the shout out. <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it with us in the first place :D !

Anonymous said...
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