Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new Journey.

Hey cupcakes! I missed you guys!

I received a notice from Prism Haute Couture today from their subscrib-o-matic about some awesome newness and a delish freebie! You know how I am with freebies. My interest was piqued.

My bff works at this awesome store as an events manager. She's awesome! Up until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of Journey McLaglen or her awesome clothes, but thanks to Miss Angelique, I have. Not only are Journey's creations meticulously detailed, but they're also obviously made with lots of love --- which makes them even more coveted.

Tonight when I was TP'd to Prism, I overheard ( several customers commenting on how lovely the outfits the models were wearing, and I agree whole-heartedly.

Some (but not all) of her outfits even include the boots! Check out the outfit below. $350L w/boots.

This hot little number, modeled by the always gracious Angelique, is a steal at $300L. There are six color options for the sweater/pants combo.

Journey, the boss lady/head honcho/designer/owner is wearing one of the other color combos.

A great little surprise? Today and tomorrow (11/14), if you purchase a new sweater set Miss Journey will treat you with a nice gift tomorrow. The gift is valued at $500L and is from her store Charade, located right across the street from Prism.

The freebie. You thought I forgot about it, didn't you? Well, you're wrong! :) This cute pink outfit will keep you all warm and fuzzy during the cold winter months.

I paired the outfit with some boots from ETD. They go well together, eh?

**Fabulous Freebies:
-Skirt/sweater combo: Prism Haute Couture - $0L
-Skin: [RockBerry] - $0L (lucky chair/board)

**Fabulous Non-Freebies:
-Hair: [Curio] - $200L
-Boots (in the pink outfit pic): ETD - $30L


Like, not even two minutes after I posted my blog, I got a notice from Mimi Coral of M&R Cupcakes...they are having a BOGO sale for their Birthday Suit Skins until 11:59PM Sunday! So get your skin-buyin' groove on for the lovely ladies of M&R!


Cindy Landers said...

Wow, thank you Pumpkin! I did not even know you took my photo!! We have a BOGO every other weekend and try to launch a new outfit each Wednesday, which we call event night. If you buy an outfit on event night, I always send an awesome thank you gift. Come back soon, and yes, the secret ingredient of all our clothes is love! We LOVE our customers, especially when they feel good in a Prism outfit. xoxo

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info, hun! I'm sure many other Cupcakes will be love your clothes as much as I do!