Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday morning goodness (too many stores to fit in the title!)

After reading about those outfits on My second Life on the D List I knew I had to get them! They are so gorgeous for dollarbies and highly detailed too! You can get those two outfit in the store in Fantasy Destiny World, an ancient China RP sim. To get to the store from the landing point look over the small river behind you and you should see the store. Once inside look in the corners or the building for small boxes on the ground to get the outfits.

Chinese outfits 1l, Fantasy Destiny World

In the following pictures the black short worn is a previous gift from Zaara in the Picking Daisies hunt. Sadly you can't get it anymore.

On the first outfit I'm wearing a gorgeous jacket from MichaMi's Hippo Group. To get it just follow the link I just gave you it should land you in front of a board  to subscribe. Clic on it to register and you should receive the jacket automatically.

This gorgeous dress in the middle is a dollarbie from Marinoco Fashion. Simply join their group in world, then make your way to the store and look for the board at the landing point. Buy the outfit for 1l while wearing your group tag to get it. It comes with the wings as well.

In the last outfit I'm wearing the scarf from Aoharu's lucky chair. The letter changes every five minutes and you can find two chairs in the Aoharu Wear building to your left at the landing point. The top is a dollarbie from Zullay, at the landing point enter the store and look to your right for a small table where the gifts are displayed.

First outfit: Jacket Hippo Group gift, MichaMi
Second outfit: Dress 1l group gift, Marinoco Fashion
Third outfit: Scarf lucky chair, Aoharu
Top 1l, Zullay

By the way if you click on the pictures you can see the outfits better. All poses used are freebies from Striking Poses.

Pffiou that was a long post! Hopefully it will brighten your monday! Have a great week!

Non free stuff:
Skin from Rockberry
Shape from Soul
Hair from ETD 30l at their sale