Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a little SN@TCH & *pop feel* goodness.

One of my friends who hardly gets on anymore, Miss Esmi, recently told me about a chair she was stalking at Sn@tch. While I like the clothes there, I tend to lag horribly. So, instead of stalking it today, I just told her to throw on the stuff she won from the chair! I figure I'll be able to stalk it much, much later tonight when more people are asleep. :-x

The cute outfit Esmi is wearing is called the "Little China Girl" outfit. It has three color options: black (worn), red and purple. The shoes are from the lucky chair also, called the "5 Dollah Lapdance" shoes. ROFL. Gotta love Ivey Deschanel's great knack for naming her items! Both the outfit and the shoes were free, of course.

After a while, my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up going to Sn@tch in the afternoon. Surprisingly, it wasn't lagfest 2008 like I thought it would be. :) I was glad to see a freebie for the guys as well--the Bitchbeater outfit! On one of the chairs was an 'R' so I TP'd my boyfriend to come get it. Of course, I made him pose for me :-D I know we don't usually blog about men's freebies, but good male freebies are hard to comeby and I'm sure our significant others/brothers/guy friends would appreciate knowing about this! Plus, I think we gals can rock this outfit too...I was disappointed that I didn't get this outfit. For some reason, lucky chairs hate the letter 'P'. :(

The Bitchbeater outfit comes with a few of shirt color options, tucked & untucked, socks, three different ties & cuffs for the shorts.

Next up is the "Party Girl Kitten Pink" group gift from *pop feel*. If you're not a member, I strongly urge you to think of joining, besides having free monthly group gifts, the clothes are reasonably priced and cute as can be. You'll especially like this store if you're into Japanese fashion.

I took a few pics of my friend Jacey wearing the group gift. Isn't it cute and really pink?

This pretty purple kimono is available for $1L at the *pop feel Rin* store right next door to *pop feel*. *pop feel Rin* deals exclusively with traditional Japanese clothing.

You can wear your new kimono to watch a great show by some gorgeous geishas...

Or simply to meditate with some strangers...who also happen to be watching the geishas.

Okay, cupcakes...go for the freebies/dollarbies! Stay for the awesome regular priced stuff that these awesome designers/stores have to offer!

Fabulous Freebies:
(Pic #1)
-"Little China Girl" outfit: $0L (lucky chair at Sn@tch)
-"5 Dollah Lapdance" shoes: $0L (lucky chair at Sn@tch)
-Skin: $0L (Belleza group gift)

-"Bitchbeater" outfit: $0L (lucky chair at Sn@tch)

-"Party Girl Kitten Pink" outfit: $0L (*pop feel* group gift)
-Skin: [RockBerry] $0L (lucky chair/board gift)

-Kimono Nostalgic Purple Set: $1L (*pop feel Rin* in-store dollarbie gift)
-Chopsticks: Cake (from a demo hair) $1L

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Hair: ETD

-Hair: Armidi
-Paw shoes: Fifferling
-Neko ears: Eat Rice!
-Neko tail: Fifferling

-Hair: Zero Style

-Hair: Kin
-Skin: [RockBerry]