Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rhaz and L&L Studios

Rahzinhaa Pera the owner of Rhaz store was kind enough to send me the group gifts her store has at the moment. To get the gifts simply look for Rhaz in the group search and it should be the second group there. Once you've joined the group for 0l collect your gifts in the past notices.

In the following picture only the black coat on the left is a group gift, the other ones are the same coat in different colors that you can get for 80l in the store.

Black coat group gift, Rhaz
Other coats 80l, Rhaz

By joining the group you also have access to previous gifts including this cute outfit that comes in red or blue. Since the skirt of the outfit is a one prim that doesn't move the outfit doesn't have glitch pant so be sure to wear some before going out or simplly strech the prim like I did so it covers everything!

Red and Blue outfit group gift, Rhaz

The skin I'm wearing in those pictures is a freebie you can find at L&L Studios. The owners of the studio are giving a female and male skin so that people can use it in a photo contest they are holding. Here is a glimpse at the notecard with the rules of the photo contest:

"Our first contest to celebrate the opening of L&L Studios has the theme :  Most Sexy Avi
You may enter Nude, Semi Nude, Fully Dressed etc.  whatever way you feel most sexy.
It is open to all species.
The prizes are $5k for female winner and $5k for male winner.
Entries are being taken from Sunday 9th - drop a FULL PERMS entry into the contest entry system
Entries must be 512x512
Voting opens Wednesday 12th Nov 00:01sl time and closes Wednesday 3rd Dec 00:01sl time"

The rules are not really specific about wether you have to use the skin they are giving or not... Anyway good luck to you if you plan on entering the contest! Leave us a comment if you do so we can have a look at your picture :)

Non free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Hair from ETD 30l at the sale