Friday, November 7, 2008

Imperial Elegance and Silent Sparrow

Today I went back to Imperial Elegance and I noticed that in the Retirement section, to the left of the red tree in the middle of the store on the first floor, Sai has put a tons of couple poses for only 1l! You can also get a set of mermaid poses for 1l in the same section.

Couples poses 1l, Imperial Elegance

To the right of the retirement section you can find the Millie pose for 0l for a limited time. The Millie pose is the big one in the center of the picture that follows. All the other poses are part of the Red Carpet Poses set Sai released today. I love them! Definitely worth buying!

Center pose Millie 0l, Imperial Elegance

The outfit I'm wearing in all those pictures is the one from the Silent Sparrow lucky chair. You get the outfit for both man and woman when you win, so guys get down here too! The letter changes every 20 minutes. To get to the lucky chair at Silent Sparrow walk to the pond next to the landing point and then walk in the room to your right, the lucky chair is surrounded by chairs.

Oh and while I was at Imperial Elegance I met one of our reader, hello Xaviera :D !
That is all for tonight! I hope you guys enjoy those delicious poses!

Non free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Hair from ETD 30l at the sale

Stuff we blogged about before:


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Hi Laleeta! It was nice to see you at work. :-)