Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hunts galore! AND a lucky chair!

Razor Mall is having a grand re-opening hunt kicking off on Friday (tomorrow), November 28th at noon SLT and ends at noon on Sunday, November 30th!

What you're looking for are balloons! So grab 'em all up, there are some FABULOUS gifts provided by the best of Razor Mall! Here's a rundown on all the participating stores:

-Sassy Kitty Designs
-Rare Breed
-Jezzebel Rock
-Nekorotic Misfits
-Metal Gear for Men
-Metal Gear for Women
-Otaku Designs
-Twilights Requiem

Other vendors worth checking out while you're hunting:
-Laa Lee Tekno-shop
-!Love Me Skins & Shapes
-Azumi's Creations
-Love Me! Skins and Shapes

In other hunting news...Eat Rice! is having a grand hunt of it's own, also kicking off Friday, November 28 at 3:30pm SLT!

If you're in Ellie Celt's Eat Rice! group, she sent a notice that had some details for the hunt:

"Don't forget that tomorrow at 3:30pm slt there is the Eat Rice! Turkey hunt. There will be eight turkeys in total and they will be spread out at 8 different Eat Rice! locations. Your job will be to first teleport to the main location and receive the first turkey's notecard. Inside the notecard will be a riddle for you to solve with a list of Eat Rice! locations; the answers to the riddle. Each Turkey has a prize so don't be late and bring your clever little minds!"

Ellie is all about having fun, so come and bring your bestest buds for some brain teasers! The gifts will surely be worth it :)

In non-hunting news...*katat0nik* has some new dresses on one of her lucky chairs! The freaky looking Santa chair has the newness. I got a kick out of the wicked-looking Santa and went down to business when a "?" popped up on the chair. I snagged this awesome purple rainbow knit jumper!

The purple rainbow knit jumper

The freaky Santa chair!

However, this is not the only gift on the chair!

Snow monster doll

There are two super cute dolls: The Snow Kitty Doll and the Snow Monster Doll. You might not even have to wait for your letter to pop up on the chair to snag one of these cuties. I received a free one for just being at the store! Some other random shopper got one about 30 minutes later. SWEET!

Last but not least, I received a tip from one of my amigas who told me to go to Belleza because they have a free skin available as a group gift. There is a men's group gift and a women's group gift. Price? $0L! You have to wear your group tag in order to get 'em, though! Belleza has some of the best skins, in my opinion. The group gives some nice freebies every so often, so it's worth being in their group!

Where the freebies are

Freebie skin courtesy of Belleza!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Purple Rainbow Knit Jumper: *katat0nik* lucky chair - $0L
-Skin: Belleza - $0L (group gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Hair: ETD

That concludes this loooooooong post. Happy hunting and hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

It was brought to my attention by the same friend (Sophster) who let me know about Belleza's free skin, that there is yet ANOTHER free skin available in the group's notices. It's sooooooooo pretty!

-Hair: Philotic Energy - $0L (lucky chair)

Not free:
-Earrings: Violet Voltaire's Dia De Los Muertos earrings (at *katat0nik*)
-Necklace: Razor Creations