Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eat Brain Restriction Rice!

Okay, so the title of the blog IS NOT the name of a new store, I just combined the names of two cool stores (Eat Rice! and Brain Restriction).

Brain Restriction is a new store (read: new to ME) that I heard about through the grapevine. Go right now, because not only is the stuff supercute, but everything is...get this...$5L. Ya! You heard right! Easy on the pocketbook and and easy on the eyes.

The first outfit is a cute dress that includes legwarmers and arm warmers. When I threw this cute girly dress on, I fell in love. I squealed (in rl) at how adorable this whole ensemble made my avatar. The jewelry was also $5L in case you were wondering, and the set includes the necklace, earrings and bracelet (not shown).

The next outfit I'm gonna show you isn't 100% Brain Restriction, but at least the top and arm jewelry are!

Watch out---BOOB SHOT! Look at how beautiful the jeweled brooch is. So pretty!

I really do like this shirt. So does my boyfriend, but he likes it for other reasons. Pervy Ry kept telling me that he could see my nipples. ONLY WHEN YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO LOOK AT THEM! Otherwise, you're fine. Anyway, pervy (but fun) boys aside, I think you'll love this shirt. It was only $5L!

One more thing. This snazzy little belt I'm wearing? It's awesome.

Wanna see what it does to me?

Yes! It lets your avi make lots of silly faces! Best part? It's only $5L at Brain Restriction! (I *TOLD* you guys that EVERYTHING is $5L!) It has a menu and is totally awesome! Rylan made me this collage! We were in VC when he took the pics and edited it...he'd break out laughing sporadically and I knew he was laughing at the goofy faces. Job well done, belt!

Now, the cool hairdos from Eat Rice! Are fab. Eat Rice is in a new location (the links in my post will take you to the newest store). Go check it out! Some hair was retired, but there is tons of newness to be seen, including neko, usagi (bunny), inu (dog) and rodent ears/tails...clothes and skins. Also, Nex-Core Modeling Agency is going to have a show for Eat Rice! this Sunday at 1 PM SLT. Given Nex-Core's reputation, it should be a hit.

Fabulous Freebies & Almost Freebies:
-Dress/legwarmers/arm warmers: Brain Restriction - $5L
-Borderline obscene top: Brain Restriction - $5L
-Little hair clip in pics 1-4: Brain Restriction - $5L
-Cool mood belt: Brain Restriction - $5L
-Jeans: Wicked Fashion - $0L (personal gift)
-Shoes: ETD - $30L

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-All hair: Eat Rice!
-Skin in pics 1-4: Pulse
-Skin in pics 5-8: Eat Rice!
-Lashes: Aphrodite Creations

**On a side note, I'd like to wish Eat Rice! owner/creator Ellie Celt a happy (rl) burfday!


Anonymous said...

where do you find the AV face maker? i cant find it :(

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Hello! When you go into the store, take a left and there's a wall with some jewelry and a biggish sign with the white belt. The picture also has two blue pop up menu windows on it.

Hope you find it! IM me in-world if you need help! :)

Blossom Georgette said...

Everything I saw in the store while i was there was actually 50L not 5L still a decent price but not quite as nice as 5L would have been :D