Friday, November 7, 2008

D-Hunt part two

So earlier this week I told you about the D-Hunt Ding and Venturio organized. Today I'm going to show you some of the prizes you can get in the hunt. For more information about the  hunt and landmark to it follow the link I just gave you.

The hunt has some really great prizes! Including skins from Tuli and Rockberry. You will also get some really nice outfits as well as some for men! Some really nice accessories and furniture are up for grab too. Take a look at the pictures and have a good drool!

Like I said before there are 28 noobs to find all over the sim. They are life sized so really easy to spot, the only difficulty is that there are a lot of noobs on the sim and not all of them are for sale. I made a notecard with the locations of the noobs, but Ding and Venturio asked us to wait a bit before posting the locations so I'll do so only later today.

Not featured in the pictures but still worth checking out, LAP created a woman and a man ao for the hunt. They are really nice!

Anyway here is the landmark for the hunt. Have fun and see you later for the locations for those of you that are stuck.

Non free stuff:
Hair from ETD 30l sale
Shape from Soul


harrykoutama said...
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Emerald Wynn said...

You look hot as a guy up there in that first photo, Laleeta! LOL!