Sunday, November 16, 2008

Celestial Studios goodness :)

One of my favorite stores since I was a noob, Celestial Studios, is have a humongo sale! Designer/owner Starley Thereian has slashed-slashed-slashed prices on just about everything (except some clothing and accessories). If you're running low on the lindens, this must be the answer to your prayers!

All of the hair is marked down to $50L a pack. The hair is super cute! As I walked around the huge store, I was almost skipping from happiness. Of course, I already had every style of hair, but that didn't stop me from buying packs of other colors!

I think Ry was afk in these bottom pics...see him just chillin' right next to me all shirtless? :-D We had just finished tag-teaming at a club called CXIII (he DJin' and me hostin'). When we got home, though, it was down to business! Bloggin' business. For me, at least.

Anyway, hurry on over to Celestial Studios for this wonderful sale! I checked Starley's website to see when exactly the sale would end, but couldn't find it, so better to be safe than sorry. Don't procrastinate like I tend to do!

**Fabulous (almost) Freebies:
-Beater shirt: ETD - $1L
-All eyes: Celestial Studios - $25L a pair
-Lashes: Celestial Studios - $0L (they come with every skin you technically they're free)

**Fabulous Non-freebies:
-All hair: Celestial Studios - $50L a pop
-All skins: Celestial Studios - $500L a piece (half price!)
-Pink dress: Celestial Studios
-Green "Limeade" halter: Celestial Studios
-Bikini: *Last Call* (no longer available)
-Boots: ETD - $30L