Monday, November 24, 2008

Pretty in Pixels

Yay! So today, us PixelDolls subscribers got a nifty new group gift! A green tartan coat, perfect for winter! It comes with three glove options! I loves it.

PixelDolls sure knows how to spoil it's lovely fans! This is why it PAYS to hit the subscribos, people!

My bestest (girl)friend in all of SL, Miss Angelique, let me in on a little secret. A place that I had never heard of, called Sweet Alice, has a bunch of cute skins on sale for $1L a piece! There's even an honest-to-goodness freebie there!

The skins are nice for $1L. There are 18 dollarbie skins in three different tones and styles (six per tone). Well worth it! In the pics above, I'm wearing the dress from *OC* that Laleeta blogged about earlier today. :-D

Fabulous Freebies:
-Coat: Pixel Dolls - $0L (group gift)
-All skins: Sweet Alice - $1L each (limited time)
-Dress: *OC* - $0L (group gift)
-Necklace: WRONG - $0L (previous hunt gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Hair: (pic 1) Truth, (pic 2) Celestial Studios
-Boots: *League*
-Jeans: *Last Call* (no longer available)

**Note: Just so you guys know, I wasn't avoiding blogging by any means! I was out of town over the weekend and I had absolutely NO access to a computer, much less SL :-D **