Sunday, November 2, 2008

Imperial Elegance and Dark Mouse

Yup it's me! Sorry for being away but you know how it is with RL! Anyway I'm still fairly busy but with it being sunday and all I still had the time to find a cute thing or two to show you today.

First of my dear friend Sai opened her store Imperial Elegance again after it being renovated. The new store is gorgeous! As usual Sai has her freebie female ao but she also created something new for us! You can get this cuuuute moon with its poses for 0l in the store. The freebies are right in front of you at the landing point!

Sai also has some poses you can get as pick rewards so do check it out :)

When I logged on I also had the pleasure of getting my november group gift, this gorgeous necklace, from Dark Mouse's subscribo-matic. To get it get down to the store and click on the subscribo-matic. Once registered click on the subscribo again and check its history to look for the last gift.

I also wanted to welcome our two temporary writers for Baking Cupcakes: Pumpkin and CatEcumen. they are going to help us a bit while we all try to sort out our RL so thank you girls!


Sai Pennell said...

That is the most awesome moon I've ever seen :P

Thanks for the comments and post! \o/