Monday, November 10, 2008

Some nice stuff! ^^

I have such a bad cold today it sucks! lol, but I had to pull myself out of bed when I saw a notecard had been sent to me from JennEmm who recently moved her store ByJenn to a new location, I loved the stuff I had seen before so when I heard she had made ALL her items 1L I had to go check it out. Here's just a few things I got ^^.



All her stuff is on the fourth floor but be sure to check out the rest of the items too! They're really cute and girly and colorful!

I also wanted to show you these headphones I got! they're awesomeness and free at SHX


If you have a club be sure to check out the items they have the best there! ^^b

Not Free:
Skin - Free Speerit
Hair: top two pics from ETD who is having a 30L or below sale \o/
Bottom two from Deviant Kitties

/me runs back to bed with chicken noodle soup s2


Anonymous said...

Hiya, I LOVE those headphones! Could you please tell me which part of SHX it was at? I can't seem to find them... thanks~