Sunday, November 23, 2008

She Wants Revenge, Eternity Silks and +Lo*momo+

Sunday findings are the best!

For some reason I love that lingerie set from She Wants Revenge (on the left). I don't know if it's the shading of the fact that it makes me think of the outfit worn by Leelo on the Fifth Element but I thought I would share it with you. It should be in a box to the left of the entrance. The folder name is something like "SEX GIFT AND LANDMARK" but don't let that scare you!
Those gorgeous silks on the right are from Eternity Silks. It's a bit hard to take  pictures of silks without flashing you so be aware that the purple swimsuit is not part of the outfit. I couldn't resist showing it to you though because it looks so precious and delicate! Get it for 1l at Eternity Silks, the shop on your far left at the landing point. Thank you for sending them to me Indigoblue and Singsong!

Lingerie Set 0l, She Wants Revenge
Silks 1l, Eternity Silks

So after seeing this blogpost from Asha on Free Style I knew +Lo*momo+ was a group I needed to add to my group list! I'm sure glad I did! When I tped there I discovered that not only could I get the new group gift but also some previous ones! The outfit on the far left is a dollarbie for everyone at the store and the three other outfits are group gifts you can get there. So look up +Lo*momo+ in the group search, join for 0l and get down to the store to get all those cute dresses!

Dress on the left 1l, +Lo*momo+
Dresses on the right group gifts, +Lo*momo+

And now I'm going to run to the CnS hunt before it ends at 12 pm SLT! See you later!

Non free stuff:
Shape from Soul
Skin from RockBerry
Hair from Tousled and ETD