Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maeva hunt and coordinates

This morning I attended a hunt in a store I didn't know called Maeva and I'm glad I did! The prizes are all really, really nice. The skin I'm wearing on all those pictures is part of the prizes.

You will be looking for 12 small black bags plus an additional bag that is not numbered in the store and photo studio across from the store. The bags are really hard to see, I'm still missing number 1 and 10 so if you find them I'd love if you could point me in the right direction!

Since the designer didn't mention anything about it I'm posting the coordinates of the prizes I did find after the pictures.

Gorgeous right? I know I'll drop by the store later to do a bit of personal shopping!

Prizes locations:

Under chair:
On the edge:
Under stair behind display:
Number 7:
Under chair:
In the window:
Behind wall:
In the corner:
In the corner:
On the chandelier:
On edge:
Back of display (Thanks Heidi ^^):
Number 10 (Thanks Windrose ^^): 

There you go and don't forget to have fun!

Non free stuff:


Anonymous said...

#1 I did fine - it's in the room to the right as you walk in at the TP point, in the black recessed display case, back left corner. Thanks for the help with some of the others on there! I loooove that store now and I'd never seen it before... spent some lindens while I was there lol

WindRose said...

if you stand here - you will find number 10 :)

Anonymous said...

Yay thank you you two for the help :D !