Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patty's day! I'm not Irish so I have no clue what I should be doing on this day but I will be wearing a green outfit in this post & there will also be some gold hidden, so I get to drink beer, right?
There's another gridwide hunt going on! Can you still keep up? Because I'm a little lost on this one :D It's called the "Go fly a kite hunt" (aren't people getting more & more clever with these huntnames?) and you will be looking for kites (d-u-h!) From what I've seen you have to click them to get your prize & it will tell you where to go for the next kite. However I got stuck after 1 kite... I fail! Luckily the kite at LVS&Co had a cute dress in it, so I'm not giving up just yet! The Kite hunt will last till april 19th so I will have plenty of time to figure it out! :D
The black dress is a camping prize from !mingo!, a store I found during the Random hunt. To win this one, sit on the panda for 45 minutes.
And then the green outfit! I won this one at Moxie Polano's lucky chair while I was waiting for another *supercute* dress.

Dollie dress with cuff thingies (?) & socks, Go fly a kite hunt #172, LVS&Co
Gothic lolly dress, camping prize, !Mingo!
Woodburn forest suede skirt set, lucky chair, Moxie Polano

H&S Village has a little treasure hunt going on. You will be looking for (easy to find!) pots of gold. The one at Kunsthammer has a lovely gold coin necklace in it! At touche, I found these 2 cute dollarbie dresses.

Dresses, 1L each, Touche
Gold coin necklace, hunt gift, Kunsthammer