Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter yummehs.

I have a few yummies for you cupcakes! This post is gonna be short-ish because I'm writing this before I go to work (I just jumped out of the shower and I'm letting my hair dry!).

Otaku Designs released a cute Easter necklace! The owner will probably kill me for letting you guys know this, but...*whispers* it's only $1L! It's under the "New Releases" section...and another thing, there's another item that is marked half off! I don't know how long the prices will be like that, so check out the items now while you can before they go back to regular price! Also, Otaku Designs has a new home on a new sim, so update your landmarks!

The earrings I'm wearing are a subscribo gift from *Ticky Tacky* and they're adorable! *Ticky Tacky* regularly gives out gifts via subscribo, so you should definitely hit it up, it's so worth it.

Sweet Easter jewelry!

Rosemary Galbraith & Mimi Coral of Cupcakes have done it again. I'm still swooning over their Lovespell skin set and they've gone and released MORE gorgeous skins! Yesterday, Rosemary sent out a group gift that consists of eight skins in eight tones from their new Seduction line! The group costs $250L to join, but Rose and Mimi regularly send out awesome gifts (skin, clothes, etc) before the stuff is released, so it's well worth the price, in my opinion!

Cupcakes - Seduction Skins (modest)
Lovely skins from Cupcakes!

And finally, Jezzebel Rock has some cute Easter gifts that are soft on the wallet! Five sweet-looking Easter shirts with bunnehs & carrots on them in five colors for...five linden a piece! They also have a Playboy Bunneh-esque outfit (complete with tail & ears) for $25L!

Jezzebel Rock - Easter
Look! Lucky chairs in the background!

-Easter necklace: Otaku Designs - $1L (in store)
-Pearl earrings: *Ticky Tacky* - $0L (subscribo)
-Skin (pic#2): Cupcakes - $0L (group gift)

Not free:
-Hair (pic#1): Troof
-Shirt (pic#1): Jezzebel Rock - $5L
-Hair (pic#2): Troof again
-Top (pic#2): SMS
-T-shirts & sexy bunneh outfit (pic#3): Jezzebel Rock - $5L & $25L respectively.