Friday, March 6, 2009

I shake my little tush on the catwalk

For some weird reasons, that are still unclear to me, I have the "I'm too sexy" song in my head... Though it's easy to feel sexy with today's finds (see what I did there?)!

This dress is the new freebie in store from Cilian'gel called Patrick, you can find it in a shopping bag on the second floor next to the lucky board.

Dress: Patrick 0l, Cilian'gel
Necklace: Mia in teal subscribo gift, Cailyn's

I know you guys will love me for this!

Non free stuff:
Hair Inorite
Shape Soul


Lanie Recreant said...

There's a shirt at ::KarJam:: Baggy Land that says "I'm too sexy for this lag"

Also camping there for a guy's outfit including a nice pair of chucks.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god :O !
I have to get this shirt xD

Mashimaro Oh said...

Curse you Laleeta! I finally got rid of 'i'm too sexy' song which was stuck in my head for couple weeks! now it's backkkkkk! *crys in the corner singing the sing*

Anonymous said...

No reason I should be the only one with it stuck in my head :p !
*goes off singing*