Thursday, March 26, 2009

The bunny hop! *Updated with SLURLs*

The grid is buzzing with yet another grid wide hunt... This time they want you to go bunny hopping! The hunt starts tomorrow (Friday 03/27). You could wear the easterbunny lingerie set from Angelwings, if you think it's acceptable to walk around in your underwear like that...

UPDATE: Bunny hopping AO, Bunny Hop HQ (Huzzah! Everyone get hopping! It's in the starter egg)
Easterbunny set (Includes the cute ears!), Angelwing fashions

All the other poses used in this post are from the egg at KSCreations poses. Please note that the SLURLs will take you to the store, but not to the egg (yet). The SLURLs provided now are from the official blog, I hope they are correct. I will update them tomorrow because A) the hunt officialy starts tomorrow & B) my current internet connection doesn't like lots of teleporting :). Thank you for understanding.

Headpiece, dress, necklace, bracelet and flats Whonose

Bunny necklace, carrot earrings, dress, shoes (with bunnies!), skin, eyes Fashion bar peppermint blue

Ring, Juenos
Hair, Lala moon
Dress & stockings, Sister strawberry

Bunny dress, Weirddesigns

Dress (with two skirt options), skins (with different blush options), shoes, Liquid Candy

Cutest girl (she sings! touch her!) Littlegirl shop
Skins, Chaos by design

Dress, Spork
Ears & tail, Sassy kitty designs

Purses and shoes, Sentou Yousei

Angelwing fashions
Fashion bar peppermint blue
Lala moon
Sister strawberry
Weird designs
Liquid candy
Littlegirl shop
Chaos by design (Didn't manage to find that one yet)
Sassy kitty design
Sentou Youssei


Anonymous said...

i found a bunny dance but not the ao you mentioned in the blog at endless dreams. :( was it at another store?

Asthenia said...

Apparently they changed the prize, the AO I got comes from the press release. I'm sorry

Anonymous said...

Correction: they donated it for HQ Hop Preparation Egg ^^