Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patty's Day Hunt

I received a subscribo message a few days ago about a St. Patty's Day hunt going on at the main store for Jezzebel Rock & ~OA Designs~ so I decided to check it out. When you step in, you're greeted with a cute St. Patty's Day display (complete with two huge shamrocks) advertising some very cute in-store dollarbies: shirts, jewelry & pumps. After greedily scooping them up, I went on the look-out for some clovers!

After having my fill of $1L clovers, I went back to my place and checked out my bounty. Would you like to see what I brought home? You might just see something that you'd like to grab yourself!

First off, here are the $1L shirts from the display in the middle of the store. If you can't read what the shirts say: "Kiss me! I'm magically delicious!" Cute, flirty and appropriate for St. Patrick's Day (whether you're of Irish descent of not!). Included in the picture are some of the hunt/dollarbie jewelry items available from ~OA Designs~!

Jezzebel Rock St. Patty's Day triple threat
Show your Irish pride even if you aren't Irish!

Next, are some basic, cute tanks with a simple yet elegant design on them.

Jezzebel Rock St. Patty's Day hunt
Simplicity at it's cutest.

And finally, some shirts that reminded me of the disco queens of the 70's. Maybe it was the hair, maybe it was the fact that I recently saw "54" again, maybe it's because I was listening to Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" when I put the shirts on, I dunno. The lovely golden pumps are also gifties from a clover as well!

Jezzebel Rock/OA Designs St. Patty's Day hunt
Do the hustle!

**This hunt is going for a few more days, so hurry! There's more blouses, jewelry & shoes to be scored!**

Stuff that ain't free (sorry):
-Hair: Analog Dog
-Skin: Curio
-Pants: Wrong

*Poses: VAGO (previous freeb), Pffiou! (not free), Maitreya (not free)